Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Broadcastre Computer Chat. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Forum Rules

    1. NSFW Content is not welcome here. This will incur an immediate and permanent ban on sight (unless it is very low grade).

      If you have to ask yourself if it's NSFW, it is.

      If your boss wouldn't like you seeing it, it's NSFW.

    2. Do not spam. This will result in your posts going on moderation queue. In addition, accounts registered to merely spam and promote another website or another product, without contributing to this community, will be banned on sight.

      Crossposting is heavily frowned upon in many social areas of the Internet. It's very often considered annoying and also selfish. We at Broadcastre Computer Chat treat it as spam.

      Crossposting is the act of posting a thread in multiple forums, usually for more attention. This does not get you more attention, and it only annoys people. Anyone found to be crossposting will have their thread deleted.

    3. Asking personal information from anyone (or also sending yourself or other people's personal info), such as phone number, e-mail and passwords, will incur a permanent ban.

    4. Posts that are found to have copyright-infringing material (including but not limited to piracy, warez, cracks) will be removed. Repeat offenders will receive a ban.

    5. Abuse, insults and personal attacks directed at other people, particularly other Broadcastre Computer Chat users, are unacceptable.

      If you disagree with someone on some point, please do not resort to name calling or personal attacks. Doing so only serves to selfishly derail the conversation and make the environment uncomfortable for everyone else. As the saying goes, play the ball, not the person.

      Please note that attacking people you perceive to be "trolls", "fanbois" or "flame baiters" still counts as a personal attack, and your posts will be removed as such. If you have a problem with someone's behaviour, please throw a report on the posts in question or contact a mod.

      Of course like most rules that seek to judge human behaviour, the line between appropriate and inappropriate is not perfectly defined. Any of the following may be considered mitigating factors, at a moderator's discretion:

      • If the target is a public figure or a corporation;

      • If the choice of language has legitimate descriptive value;

      • If your general tone is calm or civil;

      • If the matter is sufficiently trivial.

      However none of the following are mitigating factors:

      • If you were attacked first. This isn't primary school.

      • If the statement is factually true. Truth is not a defence.

      If the target of the attack is a participant in the discussion, or if your choice of language was unnecessary, expect very little sympathy from our moderators. And ultimately the determination of a moderator (or an administrator) will prevail.

    6. URLs that have been shortened (such as links from Adfly, Linkvertise) are not allowed on this forum, especially malicious links.

    7. We don’t have much webspace therefore please consider putting your attachment on a filehost if possible.

    8. Broadcastre Computer Chat is open to everyone.

      As such intolerance or vilification of other people's race, culture, beliefs, height, weight, hair colour, IQ, gender, physical or mental conditions, shoe size, sexual preference / orientation, religion, age, income etc is unacceptable.

      Note: This includes using "gay" or "ghey" to mean "bad" (such as "this game is gay", etc.); using "Zionist" to mean "killing Arabs or taking over the world"; using "Indian call centre" to mean "incompetent, ill-informed call centre"; etc.

    9. For the sake of this argument, inappropriate content is considered to be any topic that would be unacceptable dinner time conversation when your grandma is over. This includes (but is not limited to) any of the following:

      • Sex and sexual acts;
      • Violence, acts of cruelty or degradation involving any human or animal;
      • Extreme, dangerous or illegal behaviour;
      • etc.

    10. Broadcastre Computer Chat is a community forum, not a tool to advertise a business. Therefore using Broadcastre Computer Chat as a platform to advertise your commercial venture is considered unacceptable.

      The gathering and/or use of any Broadcastre Computer Chat users' personal information (email addresses, ISP usernames, website URLs, etc) for unsolicited marketing purposes (via whims, email, telemarketing, etc) is completely unacceptable. Any user found to be involved in such activities will be banned immediately.

  2. Netiquette

    1. Your question might be answered already in another post. Please search the forums before posting a question.

    2. Thread titles should be meaningful to other users, both now and in the future. Thread titles are how you make a first impression on other users. A vague or meaningless thread title might result in users deliberately ignoring your thread. Use a title that summarizes your situation, without being melodramatic or insulting. Also note that meaningful thread titles make searching the forums much easier for others.

    3. Be aware that a large audience might see your post, and your words may come back to haunt you. That audience might potentially include past, present and future employers; staff at your place of study; friends; family; etc. And unlike the spoken word, your written posts will exist on Broadcastre Computer Chat for a long time.

    4. If you are responding to someone else's comments, try to include a quote or summary of their post, to provide context to other readers. But don't quote too much!

    5. Do not attack other people, attack their argument — and this does not mean changing "you are an idiot" into "your comments are idiotic". If you take issue with someone else's position, try to explain why you disagree with them in a polite and professional manner, providing suitable supporting evidence as required.

    6. If someone insults or attacks you, do not respond in kind. "They started it" is an incredibly lame argument when your post lands you in hot water with a Moderator.

    7. Excessive use of capitalisation and exclamation points (any more than one) is considered shouting and shows that you are unable to adequately express yourself through the use of normal language. Small amounts of capitalisation, when used to emphasise a particular point, is considered acceptable — although please note that Broadcastre Computer Chat offers other ways to add emphasis, such as through the use of bold and italics in your posts.

  3. iPhone forum rules

    1. In addition to the forum rules, the iPhone forum has its own set of rules.

      Appropriate topics

      • Anything to do with the iPhone
        Issues with your carrier that relate to the iPhone
        Discussing Jailbreaking is currently allowed.

      Inappropiate topics

      Threads and posts discussing these topics are not allowed:

      • Illegal content and activities. For example, Appulous, Install0us,, and other sites (including BitTorrent) that allow cracked, hacked or pirated applications to be loaded onto iPhones

        Lost or stolen iPhones — threads or posts will generally be deleted or closed. You should report the loss or theft to your mobile phone service provider and police.